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desert flower © jitze/Flickr

From late May to early June, America’s national parks are in bloom. From east to west and south to north, each of the USA’s famous nature reserves display the most amazing colors and shapes, offering one of the greatest shows of nature.

Finding out where and when to spot the most amazing wildflowers is not even hard. The National Park Service, who manages the majority of the country’s national parks and nature reserves will upload periodical updates on each individual website. Or, if you don’t feel like monitoring several dozen websites, you can read our brief guide and learn about the most popular wildflower destinations in the US:

Rocky Mountains National Park

The alpine meadows of the Rockies are a top destination for the wildflower season. Wildflowers seem to particularly favor the Rocky Mountains National Park, which becomes overcrowded in June – the wildflower season. Whether you like hiking or driving, you will get the chance to admire flowers of all colors and sizes, as well as various mushroom species.

spring flowers

wild flowers in the Rockies ©Satoru Kikuchi/Flickr

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Dubbed the ‘Wildflower National Park’, the Smoky Mountains National Park is the no.1 wildflower destination in the US. No other park can offer such a diversity of plants and colors. Plus, there will be flowers in the Smokies in almost every season. The first flowers usually appear at the end of February: these are delicate flower, who pop their heads from the snow for just a few weeks. As the weather gets warmer, the wildflower season reaches its peak: in late April and May, there will be an explosion of colors, not only flowers but also various trees and shrubs.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley might sound like a place where nothing lives. And this is partially true of this arid valley in the middle of the desert. But in the rainy years when the Valley does get some rain, the once deserted plains will transform in a multicolored field. Taking advantage of the scarce rain, the ephemerals will bloom and reach maturity in just a few days, but enough to offer a rare and splendid display.


desert flowers © jitze/Flickr

Joshua Tree National Park

The Joshua Trees look like a weird combination of trees and cacti. The live in the Californian desert, giving birth to some of the strangest landscapes on the American continent. It’s hard to predict when these trees will bloom, as no one known when they will get enough rain. But when they do, their white blooms are truly spectacular.

flowers in national park

Joshua Tree Flower ©Dawn Endico/Flickr



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