Where to Eat the Best Pizza in NYC

Nothing goes better with a walk along the busy streets of New York than a bite of the thin crust pizza that the Big Apple pizzaiolos have made so famous. New York pizza is only eclipsed by the Italian variety, which is kind of understandable, considering that Naples is the birth place of this delicious dish. You can recognize an authentic NYC pizza by its very thin crust which makes it foldable, the unique scent of a brick oven bake and the mouthwatering taste of the quality mozzarella topping it. Pizza restaurants and take outs are ubiquitous around New York, you’ll find one at nearly every block. As for where to eat the best pizza in NYC, here are some suggestions:


Claiming to be the oldest pizzeria in America, Lombardi is a pizza restaurant with a history. From 1897 on, the oven baked pies have fed millions of pizza-hungry mouths. Despite its international fame, the place has preserved its modest, casual location on 32 Spring Street. Crispy crust, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella are the classic ingredients for the pizzas, but you can also try their renowned calzone. Tip: this is an award winning restaurant, so make sure you have a reservation in order to avoid disappointment.

Sal and Carmine’s

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As you stroll along Broadway in search for the ultimate New York experience, make sure you stop over at Sal and Carmine’s (2671 Broadway). The best of NY pizza is eaten in slices, on the street, so here’s a long established restaurant serving great quality pizza at a slice. The two brothers Sal and Carmine have opened the place in 1959 and managed to keep the standards high in all these years.

Artichoke Pizza

This pizzeria is quite new compared to the rest of the restaurants presented here. However, the simple menu and strategic location, as well as the addition of artichokes to the classic recipe have gained the place immediate recognition. There are three locations you can try: one in Greenwich Village, one in Chelsea and one in East Village, all serving the well appreciated artichoke or crab take out slices.


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The no credit card, no reservation, no slices, no delivery policy might sound a little restrictive, but Grimaldi Pizza couldn’t have preserved its authentic flavor without a certain conservatism in its views. The delicious pizza prepared in Grimaldi’s coal brick ovens has attracted many celebrities and a lot of media attention, so you’ll probably want to challenge yourself on this one and see if you can eat a whole pie.

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