Where to Eat the Best Pizza in New York

NY pizza

cheese & tomato pizza ©sfllaw/Flickr

If there is one food that New York is famous for, that is pizza. It might sound strange to hear that the most popular dish in the biggest US city is in fact an Italian invention. But if you think about the history of New York, its cosmopolitanism and the millions and millions of immigrants the city has received and hosted throughout the years, then it all becomes clear.

Pizza restaurants and takeaways can be found at almost every corner in NYC. The irresistible flavors of baked dough, mozzarella and basil invite you in, while the specific crispiness of New York pizza make you crave for more. But where to find the very best NY pizza? Read on and find out:


Going as far as Brooklyn for a pizza slice might turn off most New York visitors, but not pizza loving New Yorkers. This casual Brooklyn establishment enjoys a constant flow of customers, eager to try some of the unique combinations and toppings that have made the place famous. The crispy crust with its inimitable brick oven flavor makes all the money, and many customers will swear this is the best pizza in New York.

tomato pizza

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The story behind Motorino is as enchanting as its pizza pies: Belgian pizzaiolo Mathieu Palombino came to New York determined to become one of the best, and he soon saw his dream come true. His pizzas are true masterpieces: made with products brought directly from the sunny Italy, baked in special ovens, not too fancy, and full of flavor.

pizza place

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Sal & Carmine Pizza

The thin slice that you can fold up and carry in one hand, while finding your way through the crowded streets is a trademark of New York pizza. And few places offer more delicious slices than Sal & Carmine Pizza at 2671 Broadway, a much-celebrated family pizza place in Manhattan. They make the perfect combination those two, the classic cheese and tomato slice and the vintage-looking restaurant.

Di Fara Pizza

In case you are committed to eat only pizza made by the hands of a true Italian in the most authentic Neapolitan style, Di Fara Pizza is a great option. The Brooklyn zipcode might get you thinking that this a bit too out of you way, but once you taste the thinnest of crusts you will change your mind. The mini-herb gardens in the windows are one of the wonderful peculiarities of this pizza restaurant, and they will seem even more charming once you find out that this is where part of the unmistakable aroma comes from.

NY pizza

cheese & tomato pizza ©sfllaw/Flickr


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