Weirdest Festivals in San Francisco

by C1ssou

The inhabitants of San Francisco have often been accused of eccentricity and even smug. This might be partially true, but the so called eccentricity is often the mark of creativity. San Francisco is arguably the most liberal city in the United States and a very fun city to visit. With an impressive number of festivals and street celebrations, San Francisco is the one place where there’s always something interesting going on. You can also find some of the weirdest festivals in San Francisco. Colorado is a fierce competitor in terms of strange manifestations, but San Francisco does have a few aces up the sleeve:

How Weird Festival

by coolmikeol

What can you expect from a festival that has the word ‘weird’ included in the title? Well, imagine one of the city’s beautiful streets being filled by thousands of people wearing the strangest costumes and make up. Promoting peace and creativity, ‘How Weird’ has reached its 12th edition, and takes place every year on Howard Street, on the 1st of May.

Folsom Street Festival

Folsom Street Festival in San Francisco is like nothing you ever witnessed. Despite its oddity, you should keep in mind that this festival is by no means one that families can attend – actually, it requires a pretty big amount of open-mindedness. Taking place on Folsom Street each year, this September manifestation reunites exhibitionists, S&M aficionados, and gay couples from all over the country.

St. Stupid’s Day Parade

St. Stupid’s Day Parade is the San Francisco way to celebrate April Fools. In this first day of April people gather around and mock pretty much everything, especially corporate culture. The event has been going on undisturbed since 1979, and even has its own organization, the First Church of the Last Laugh. However, it won’t require any membership, just a mocking disposition and the ability to shout anti-corporate, anti-political slogans.

San Francisco Soapbox Derby

by A Gude

This is event is more on the extreme side, and it involves a serious amount of insanity, some would say. Actaully thinks are not so bad as they might seem at first sight. A handful of people work for several days or weeks in order to design a sophisticated ‘soapbox’, capable of carrying them down San Francisco’s most steep streets. This is a competition of the most daring, but also the most creative crews. The so-called soapboxes take the most unimaginable shapes and names, and the proud constructors/participants dress up in the most original manner.

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