Warm Christmas Escapes in the US

by fuzzy geredes

Tired of putting one layers of clothes and suffering from the Rudolph Red Nose syndrome all the way through the Christmas season? Well, all you have to do in this case is get as far away from the cold weather and as closer you can get to the southern parts of the US. Of course, a place like Australia and the Caribbean could be even better, but considering this is holiday season, I’m assuming you aren’t willing to spend thousands of dollars in air fares and hotel bills. Some warm Christmas escapes in the US might as well be the best way to avoid cold and spend an unusually warm Christmas for decent money:


Did I say continental US? Well, I’m sure I didn’t, and even if this would have been the case, what could you possibly argue against a Hawaii vacation? Lovely beaches, sun, surfing and superb nature, all in one shot, and, what’s even better, you don’t even need a passport. Juts keep in mind that you’ll be far from the first one to consider Hawaii for the Christmas holiday so finding a fairly priced hotel might prove a bit difficult – winter is considered peak season in Hawaii.

Miami Beach

by lonnypaul

There will be always something to do around Miami, and now that that hurricane season is gone, the beautiful beaches are slowly coming back to life. It’s hard to ever get bored with all the sun and all the activities around, but in case this ever happens you’ll always have the great shops and malls around Miami as a backup plan, while nature lovers can adventure into the Everglades.

Fort Lauderdale

Like everywhere in Florida, temperatures stay pretty warm during the winter months, which makes Fort Lauderdale a desirable destination for sun seekers. The wide beaches of Fort Lauderdale might become insufficient for all the tourists aiming for the perfect tan, however with all the great museums and entertainment facilities it would be a pity not to stroll around. Don’t miss the Butterfly World, a special type of zoo with hundreds of species of butterflies.

Phoenix, Arizona

by humbertomoreno

Desert temperatures can be a nuisance in summer, but they become pleasantly warm from November to April, making Arizona a very sought-after destination. The city of Phoenix unveils its many attractions, from world class golf courses to luxurious spa centers. Winter is also a good time to hike in the dessert and observe some of the unique flora and fauna in Mojave.

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