Visiting Atlanta on a Budget

Atlanta park

Piedmont Park ©Jon Gos/Flickr

One of the largest cities in the United States, Atlanta is a vibrant metropolis with lots of attractions and a cosmopolitan feel. Atlanta is not only a big air traffic hub but also a great destination, for both families and business travelers. The city is home to some very unique attractions (World of Coca-Cola is just one example), but also a great shopping and nightlife destination.

Money wise, Atlanta is not the most expensive, not the cheapest city in the US. However, if you plan a trip to Atlanta and are a bit restricted by the budget, than check out these useful tips in free attractions and how to save money:

Atlanta Flights and Transport

Plane tickets are not a problem if it comes to visiting Atlanta on a budget. Because flights to Atlanta are so frequent, the chances to find an affordable flight are quite high – and there are plenty of websites out there that specialize in travel deals. Choosing to take a train from the airport rather than a bus will can save you about 20-30 dollars, enough for a decent dinner for two.

Delta airplane

Atlanta Airport ©cliff1066™/Flickr

As for transport in and around Atlanta, the cheapest way is to take a bus or train. The city has a dense network of buses and trains, and for just 9$ a day you can buy a bus pass that will take you almost everywhere in the city.

Cheap attractions in Atlanta

There are several sights in Atlanta that don’t require an entrance fee. Some of the most obvious are parks and public gardens, where you can walk, run, bike, have a picnic or simply relax. Some popular parks in Atlanta are Centennial Olympic Park and Grant Park. Also,  The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site is an important Atlanta attraction that everyone can visit for free.For a fun day outside Atlanta you can take a trip to Stone Mountain Park, where you will only be charged a modest fee for your car.

Atlanta park

Piedmont Park ©Jon Gos/Flickr

Free entertainment and activities

Free entertainment is not too hard to find in a city like Atlanta. In a beautiful day, the city’s parks, pedestrian areas and shopping centers will be filled by street performers. If you want something less ‘amateurish’ you can check out the schedule of the Center for Puppetry Arts for free representations, or maybe see if there is any free concert on Broad Street. In summer, there will be loys of free concerts in the city’s parks – just check a local event guide.

club concert

rock gig © domesticat/Flickr

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