US Foods and Traditions for New Year’s Eve

by borevagen

The New Year’s Eve is one of the most expected nights in the year and a huge holiday in the United States. Like in most Christian countries, the New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January, even though it is rather secular holiday, with no religious significance. In USA, New Year usually means white nights, crazy parties, good company, good food and, most importantly, optimism and good time. For anyone interested in spending the New Year in the United States, here are some popular US foods and traditions for New Year Eve:

New Year Parties and Manifestations

The Times Square New Year’s Party in New York is what most people know about US New Year traditions. The Dropping of the Ball is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and is attended/watched by millions of people. But there are also other US cities with a New Year’s Eve open air party tradition. Pasadena on the West Coast has been organising a New Year parade since 1886. The event known as the Tournament of Roses is practically a floats parade and is held on the 1st of January.

New Year Resolutions

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It is typical for Americans (and not only) to write New Year’s Resolutions on the night between the year. A resolution usually contains the things you want to achieve in the next year, no matter how ambitious or simple. Resolutions, as well as realisations for the previous year, are usually shared with friend and family.

New Year Food and Superstitions

Different parts of the US have different traditional New Year’s menus. But a think that most menus have in common is the fact that most dishes that are served in this special night have special meanings. For example, some people eat peas or cabbage, both signs of luck and prosperity. Some people believe that the first person who will enter your house will determine your luck in the New Year – for maximum luck, this must be a man.

New Year Symbols

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The New Year Ball Drop has become a symbol of New Year celebrations in the US. Fireworks shows usually fill the midnight sky all over the US in this transition night between years. Another popular tradition connected with the holyday is the apparition of the Baby New Year, a symbol of youth – which is in fact not a baby, but normally a young man dressed in baby’s clothes.

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