Unusual Restaurants in San Francisco

by geoff peters 604

If you ever decide to embark in a culinary exploration of the West Coast of United States, San Francisco has all the chances to become your Gourmet Wonderland. San Francisco is well known for its eccentricities, and food is one chapter in the book of oddities that will not disappoint you. From unconventional to simply weird, San Francisco restaurants display a great variety of themes, decors and culinary practices. Today’s post about unusual restaurants in San Francisco addresses gourmands and regular tourists alike: eating out can be yet another reason to explore or even better to test Francisco’s proverbial non-conformism and creativity. Any of the following restaurants could spice up your next visit to San Francisco:

The Stinking Rose

by kidmoxie

With such a strange combination of terms, it’s hard to guess what this restaurant is about. Well, let me just mention that locals refer to this San Francisco restaurant as the ‘Garlic Restaurant’. From pastas to seafood and prime rib, everything here is irresistibly ‘garlicky’ and accompanied by a list of local wines. The bravest of customers might even decide to go for the garlic ice cream at the end.

Asia SF

It is not the Asian cuisine, nor the bright colors of the walls, not even the signature cocktails that attract people into dining out as Asia Sf. The main attractions of this restaurant are the waitresses, who are all, till the last one, cheerful and elegant drag queens. Asia SF attracts a very diverse clientele, eager to eat well and, most importantly, to be entertained, as the restaurant is quite a popular location for birthday and bachelorette parties.


Believe it or not, the ingenious inhabitants of San Francisco were not the first ones to open this type of restaurant. However, Opaque remains one of the very few places in the states where people pay less attention to the way food is presented, and more to the taste and flavor of the meal. How exactly is that possible? Quite simple: they dine in the dark!


by stepan mazurov

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