Unbelievable Las Vegas Penthouses

by eschipul

Vegas is all about opportunity and opulence but there is also side of it that only the most fortunate of us can see. I’m speaking, of course, about exclusive VIP clubs and some very luxurious suites that are climbed high in Las Vegas’ impressive towers and which are reserved entirely to billionaires and Hollywood stars. These ultra-chic apartment have been designed to meet the most unusual demands and the cost of renting them can sometimes equal the one of a decent car. But it’s all worth the money: the lucky guests can thus enjoy the maximum of privacy, have the most unbelievable amenities for their sole use and look down the Las Vegas city scape with the impassibility of a king. Let’s take a look at these unbelievable Las Vegas penthouses:

Verona Suite, Hilton

Hilton Las Vegas is the one place where you’ll be pampered in royal velvet. This is the very largest suite in Sin City and by far the most luxurious: the floors and walls are all made of marble, and the heavy, expensive furniture will remind you of a king’s palace. The attraction of this suite is by far the luxurious indoor pool that even a Roman emperor might envy.

Chairman Suite, Bellagio

by jimg944

Stars like Leonardo di Caprio or George Clooney are said to be frequent guest of the classy Bellagio Casino. The Chairman Suite at Bellagio has been designed especially for this kind of occasions: the huge two bedroom penthouse will even enchant its guests with an indoor garden. They might also enjoy a tanning session, a chat in front of the fireplace or a rejuvenating steam bath, all with an amazing view of The Strip.

One 80 Suite, Red Rock

And speaking of unbelievable views, nothing can outmatch the combined panorama of Las Vegas and neighboring Red Rock nature reserve, but of which are available with a single booking of the One 80 Suite. With all this beauty at your feet, your only concern will be whether to spend more time in the hot tub or the rotating sofa.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Las Palmas

by panegytics of granovetter

It’s hard to imagine everything that could compare with this state of the art penthouse, both in terms of location and amenities. Situated right under the exclusive Playboy Club, the suite is all about transparency: a glass elevator, Playboy covers decorating the walls and a huge infinity pool with a megalomaniac view of The Strip are the highlights of this millionaire’s nest.

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