Trendy Music Bars in New York

Seattle gave us grunge, New Orleans the jazz and Chicago the blues? But where exactly is New York on the US music scene? Well, first of all, let’s not forget about Broadway and its trend-setting musicals, but that’s more like theater than actual music. Still, lots of contemporary genres like hip-hop, acid jazz or even salsa are believed to have their origin in New York.

The apparition of these musical genres couldn’t have been possible without that wonderful mix of ethnicities and without the historic influence of New York’s music clubs. Clubs in New York host the most various bands, and some of them are so famous that artist would kill just to be invited to sing there. On the other hand, the underground scene of NYC continues to be extremely prolific and new talents emerge every month and make their way towards international recognition. This being said, it would mean a real offense to travel here without paying your tribute to these historic yet trendy music bars in New York:

The Bitter End

by rob boudon

Don’t mistake the name of this long-establish NYC club for Placebo’s song! The year 2011 marked an important date for Bitter End Club in Greenwich Village: the club celebrated its 50th anniversary. Thought its long and successful career the Bitter End has hosted voices like that of Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder or Joni Mitchell. Jazz lovers from all over the world gather here in search for history and inspiration.

Cotton Club

by rob boudon

This iconic club in Harlem has probably had its imitators all over the world, but no other self-titled Cotton Club can outmatch the history and the unique atmosphere of the original. The club changed location for several times during its turbulent history, however you can still watch their prodigious jazz band performing from time to time.

Studio 52

by kaloozer

This avantgarde club in New York has built a reputation as one of the most exclusive clubs that ever existed: even celebrities could be turned back from the entrance. While in its early year the club was closely connected with fashion icons such as Andy Warhol or Calvin Klein, however Studio 52 can also claim to have guested Michael Jackson, Gloria Gaynor or Mick Jagger.

The Kitchen

Chelsea is another district where clubbers and music lovers head for every time they are in New York. But The Kitchen is far more than a famous club: if you are looking for originality and innovation, here is the place for you. The Kitchen is an artist’s playground, but also the place to get acquainted with New York’s most promising bands.

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