Travel Suggestions for Back-to-School Weekend

The back-to-school weekend is certainly a great event for parents and pupils around the world – it’s also one of the busiest shopping days of the year. While most parents are trying to grab the best deals for school supplies and take advantage of the tax-free weekend, some prefer to relax and try to make the best out of these last days of vacation. So for those willing to trade a day of shopping for a family adventure, here are my travel suggestions for back-to-school weekend (must I add that any of these locations can be visited anytime, so it’s not necessary to sacrifice such an important shopping session;)):


by BlackburnPhoto

At a first glance, Denali might not sound as the best destination for the weekend family trip: it is far and rather hard to reach. The truth is that a visit Denali National Park in Alaska might require several hours of flight and more than a couple of days to spend – however, chances are that this will turn into the most memorable experience. The reason to visit Denali in late August is quite simple, at such Nordic latitudes, autumn sets in quite soon, so you will be able to admire the foliage in its full splendor.


by prayimto

Why not get some tan and extra-fun right before the school rush? In terms of family fun, there are few other places that can match Californian parks and the superb beaches. The late of August is perfect for sun bathing and swimming in the waters of the Pacific. Children will have the chance to enjoy a short beach vacation and get a nice tan as a proof of their adventures. Another great thing about California are the parks: no matter what the time of the year, Disneyworld, SeaWorld, LEGOLAND or Universal Studios will be ready to entertain your kids with thrill rides, shows and exciting activities.

Washington DC

by humbertomoreno

What better place to get your kids accustomed with the learning environment better than Washington DC? The capital of US has the most impressive concentration of museums per square kilometer: you can learn about practically anything in here, from nature to space shuttles. While none of the young American patriots should miss the White House, Lincoln Memorial or Washington Monument, Washington museums remain the main attraction for kids of all ages. For a short visit in the capital, it’s best to start with the classics: the Smithsonian, the National Air and Space Museum and the Newseum.


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