Top Tallest Buildings in the US

1WTC©David Jones/Flickr

The country where the modern glass and steel skyscraper was practically invented, the United States is an ideal destination for those fascinated with urban architecture. Many major cities in the US will have at least a huge building or tower to define their skyline. New York and Chicago are especially famous for their skyscrapers, but other cities like Seattle have been happy enough with just one big tower to defy gravity. Since any classification like ‘top tallest buildings in the US’ will be a reason for debate, these article presents some famous sky scrapers in the US which are widely recognized as some of the tallest:

One World Trade Center, New York

New York’s newest and boldest skyscraper is still in construction, but even so the 1WTC has recently become the tallest building in the Big Apple. Built on the site of the two World Trade Center towers which were destroyed in 2001, the 1WTC building was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and is expected to be inaugurated in the summer of 2013. At its completion, the tower will have 104 floors and will measure a little over 500 feet.

Willis Tower, Chicago

willis tower©David Berkowitz/Flickr

While New York City is well-known for the hundreds of skyscrapers that cover up the island of Manhattan, Chicago remains famous for its innovative architects. Chicago is also the proud hometown of some of the tallest buildings in the US, among which the Willis Tower. Formally known as the ‘Sears Tower’, this glass and steel giant was built in 1974. Since then the building has become a landmark of Windy City, with hundreds of visitors queuing every day in order to admire the amazing view on top of it.

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago

A relatively recent addition to Chicago’s skyline, the Trump International Hotel and Tower stands at 423 meters above ground level. That is almost half of kilometre, making it the second tallest building in Chicago and one of the tallest in North America. What makes Trump Tower particularly famous it the fact that it doesn’t represent an office building but a hotel, thus offering its residents some of the best panoramas in Chicago.

Empire State Building, New York

Empire State Building©budgetplacescom/Flickr

There isn’t anything to say about the world’s most famous skyscraper and which has not said before.  Empire State Building was a remarkable achievement when completed in 1931. Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, the architecture firm that designed the building enjoyed their triumph for years to come, as it took about 40 years for a taller building to be constructed. But despite the venerable age the building enjoys just as much fame, and is one of Big Apple’s most visited attractions.


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