Top Ski Resorts on the East Coast

by randomduck

With the Rockies and Appalachians stretching along its coastlines and several Winter Olympics hosts titles in its portfolio, USA is one of the best places to spend and unforgettable ski vacation. Even though European travellers might prefer the Alps for very obvious financial and logistic reasons, they shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try out some US ski runs while visiting the country. As for US skiers in search for a change, why not forget Colorado and Utah for a moment and try out one of these top ski resorts on the East Coast?

Stowe, Vermont

The northern state of Vermont is somehow infamous for its cooler weather, but this is exactly what makes it the favourite winter destination on the East Coast. The no. 1 ski resort in Vermont is most certainly Stowe, a picturesque village strategically placed at the foothills of Mt. Mansfield (the highest peak in Vermont). Stowe is great for beginner, intermediates and advanced skiers alike, with several runs for each category. It’s also a favourite with snowboarders – not many people know it but the Burton snowboard brand was initially a Stowe start-up.

Killington, Vermont

No other North American resort feels more European and more contemporary than this resort in Vermont.  Killington is the perfect place for aspiring skiers, and its terrain seems to have been purposely designed for beginner ski classes. It also has some challenging ‘expert’ runs – actually, its Outer Limits run is considered to be the steepest in this part of the States. But the big attraction at Killington is the lift: heated, encompassing and extremely fast, this lift is unique in the US and possibly in the world.

Whiteface, New York

by justinknabb

New Yorkers get their own share of powdery snow and great slides due to this top-class resort near Wilmington. The latest years have brought huge quantities of snow at Whiteface, a resort well appreciated for its rough terrain and steep verticals. Why not combine it with a 2-day shopping excursion to the Big Apple?

Sugarloaf, Maine

by randomduck

Sugraloaf in Maine is not particularly known for the difficulty of its runs or its high tech equipment. But it can offer what few other East Coast ski resorts can: a full season. The widely spread guns at Sugarloaf will compensate for the drier years, and I’m not talking about just one run but all the Sugarloaf area will get covered in artificial snow whenever it’s needed.

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