Top-rated Broadway Theatres

by m berru

Musicals and the theaters on Broadway are as iconic to New York city as the Empire State Building or Lady Liberty. The theaters in Broadway alone attract a considerable percent of the total number of tourists visiting the Big Apple. The industry of musicals is so developed in New York, that many of the representations in here become cult-plays – the show ‘cats’ is the best example’ – and will soon make to the repertoire of theaters all over the world.
Before getting to know some top-rated Broadway theaters you should know that, even if Broadway is the common term for this kind of successful cultural enterprises, not all theatres are found on Broadway street in Manhattan. There is a distinct area known as the Theatre District, but some theaters might also be found around Lincoln center. There are about 40 theatres in these areas, with the following four as undisputable success stories:

New Amsterdam Theater

New Amsterdam Theater is a historic building in the very heart of Manhattan – very close to Times Square. The theater has been operating since 1903 and was the host of an impressive number of top-rated plays, such as Ziegfeld Follies, Sally, Sunny or Julius Caesar. During the last decades, the theater has been managed by Disney, so most of their recent productions now represent musical versions of children’s stories and Disney productions such as the Lion King or Mary Poppins.

Minskoff Theater

by ryan hoard

With a much recent history than that of New Amsterdam theater, the Minskoff has rapidly imposed as one of the most successful theatres in the city. Throughout the years, the Minskoff stage has featured plays like the Irene, Sunset Boulevard or the Lion King. The theater hall, which occupies an entire floor of a New York sky-scrapper, is also a famous concert and event venue, having hosted one edition of the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Broadway Theater

Yes, there is an actual Broadway theatre as part of the Broadway theatre district. As you might have guessed already, the theater is situated on Broadway street and with its 87 years of existence, it is one of the oldest. This one is also closely connected with Disney Productions, and has hosted quite a number of trend-setting plays such as La Boheme, Shrek the Musical or Sister Act.

Eugene O’Neil

by ralph and jenny

With numerous box office records, the Eugene O’Neil theater can easily be counted as one of the top-rated Broadway theatres. The history of the theater goes back to the flourishing period between the tow wars. But despite its venerable age, the theater still holds the recipe for popularity and fame. Grease, Spring Awakening, Sweeney Todd or the Book of Mormon are just few of its hits.

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