Top Biggest Shopping Malls in the US

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Mall of America © avatar-1/Flickr

As one of the world’s top shopping destinations, USA is home to some of the largest malls and shopping centres. You can find these at the outskirts of the big cities, but also in less expected locations such as the Las Vegas Strip. While the average mall will have somewhere around 150 stores, there are giant mall in the United States that are home to up to 500 stores. Imagine the size of them: they are as big as a small town.

US malls can be authentic shopping heavens, selling anything from food and refreshments to designer clothes and accessories. This is a list of the top biggest shopping malls in the US, feel free to check it out and let us know what you think:

Mall of America, Minnesota

Based on the number of its stores, this mall in Minnesota is the biggest in the country, and one of the biggest on the continent. The 520 different stores offer enough diversity for a whole weekend of shopping. Should you ever get hungry, you can choose between the 50 different restaurants and food stalls. But what really makes this US mall stand out are the entertainment facilities, which include not only the regular cinema halls, but also mini indoors amusement parks: Nickleodeon, Sealife and LEGO.

shopping center

Mall of America © avatar-1/Flickr

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

The second after Mall of America in number of stores, but the first in the country in terms of retail space, the King of Prussia Mall awaits shoppers with over 400 stores. With two huge department stores, a Macy’s and a Bloomingdale, and hundreds of American and international brands, this mall will suit every pocket and taste.

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King of Prussia Mall ©Montgomery County Planning Commission/Flickr

The Galeria, Texas

Houston is a fine shopping destination, and The Galeria Mall is a prove that Texans are dead serious when it comes to building mega-malls. Although the mall’s structure is quite compact, the mall features no less than 375 stores, among which numerous fashion boutiques and big labels such as Prada, Versace or Gucci. The great attraction of this mall is the ice-skating ring in the middle, a breakthrough innovation at the time the mall was built.

Sawgrass Mills, Florida

This mall in the vicinity of Miami is great for spending a hot Florida afternoon. This huge shopping complex combines the open spaces of an outdoor shopping center with the comfort of and indoors mall, hosting more than 300 stores. Here you’ll find most of the usual US retailers, as well as a fine selection of international clothing and accessory brands.

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Sawgrass Mills ©NNECAPA/Flickr

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