Top Autumn Events in Philadelphia

by wolfrage

If you have a sudden crave for an eventful weekend escape, it means it’s about time you started booking your trip to Philadelphia. This historic American city is a great place to go back to the roots of everything America stands for and chase off the dullness in an autumn week.
With so many manifestations, concerts and fairs going on, Philadelphia is never the victim of fall melancholia. You never know what you’ll run into at the next corner: a crop celebration, an open air exhibition or some hipster happening? With the consideration that you should always allow room for surprise while visiting this amazing US city, I invite you to take a look at these top autumn events in Philadelphia:

Bike Philly

Bike Philly is an annual event taking place early in the fall (usually in one of the first weekends of September). It might sound hard to believe that such a thing could take place in a buzzing metropolis, but this is the one car-free day when bikers and walkers take over the streets. At the end of the car-free ride, bikers and not only can join the so-called Finish Line Festival with food stands and live music.

Mural Arts Month

by daniel spils

October marks the Mural Arts Month is Philadelphia. This means that for a full month the city’s buildings and walls will be covered in enormous frescoes, painted by some of the most popular artists of the moment. This is a great occasion to remind people that art goes far beyond the walls of an exhibition so don’t be surprised if you find yourself parking the car in under some enormous painting. As it often happens with contemporary art, many of these murals will have social and political messages.

Scarecrow Festival

Just a short trip from Philadelphia you’ll get the chance to admire a very unusual exhibition: the annual scarecrow making contest, organized in Peddler’s Village, announces serious prizes for the most interesting and good-looking scare-crow. This is the typical fall family event, with lots of fun and suburban charm. Kids can also take the challenge and enroll their creations in a special category.


by kallu

One mustn’t forget that Philadelphia used to have a numerous German community therefore Oktoberfest couldn’t miss for the list of top autumn events in Philadelphia. Even though you won’t find an official event with this name, there will be plenty of local events and happenings relating to Oktoberfest. All you have to do is search for some historic breweries like Brauhaus Schmitz or McGillan’s Old Ale House and see what they offer as part of the Oktoberfest program.

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