Top Attractions in Orange County

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You might think that this sunny region of California is mostly famous for its orange groves. There are plenty of orange groves in Orange County, it’s true, but that is not what determines millions of tourists every year to visit it, but its fabulous theme parks. The place where Walt Disney built his first real-life fantasy world now has several world-famous theme parks. Also Orange County is a prime sports and beach destination. Here’s a list with top attractions in Orange County:

The OCeanfront

Orange County offers a nice selection of beaches along the shore of the Pacific Ocean. What came to be known as the OCeanfront is spread along a bit more than 40 miles and comprises of public and private beaches, hotels and resorts, restaurants and numerous travel operators offering all kinds of attractions and water sports. The small coastal towns that are part of this region are also quite charming: places Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach are only a few of these towns.


cinderella castle ©AshuGarg/Flickr

Situated in Anaheim, the world’s fun capital, Disneyland California has now been entertaining generations of Disney fans. It’s really hard to present a place of legend like Disneyland in a new light. There is simply too much going on: from live entertaining to goose-bumping rides and Disney character autograph sessions, this historic and world-famous park has got them all.

Discovery Science Centre

While some fun and adventure are always welcome, it never hurts getting involved in some educational activities, especially when they can involve the whole family and are designed in such a user-friendly manner. The Discovery Science Centre is, probably, the most popular museum in OC – although calling it this way might be a bit unfair. The center is built around the idea that science can be easy and fun, so all the exhibits can be touched and played with, allowing visitors to observe physical and natural phenomena.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Marine Centre ©Ken Lund/Flickr

The abundant marine life is another good reason to visit Orange County – and also the explanation behind the county’s numerous aquariums and whale watching cruise operators. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center situated in Laguna Beach is a non-profit organization committed to rescue merine mammals in danger – especially sea lions. While there are few chances to see a whale in here, you’ll certainly have a chance to discover how smart, friendly and cute the rescued sea lions are – an if you are really impressed, you can even volunteer or offer to ‘adopt’ a sea lion.

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