Top 5 US Cities to Visit in September

I’ve been advocating September vacations for quite a while now so every time this topic shows up I just keep finding more reasons in favor of it. Early September often has perfect temperatures and some of the clearest, most beautiful skies. Plus, hotel rates and plane tickets can easily be bought at half price of even less.
September is great for escaping the tourist hordes at popular resorts but also a favotite time of the year in terms of city escapedes. Those of you who have expected for more pleasant temperatures before heading for a long weekend city excursion might want to consider these top 5 US cities to visit in September:


by kamoteus (a better way)

It’s hard to imagine Orlando without its world-famous theme parks, so only head here if you have an adrenaline urge. Even though such crowded places like Orlando can hardly get any break, September is just perfectly situated between the summer vacation and the fastly approaching winter when everyone will want to escape snow and head for the warm and vibrant Olando with its hunderds of rides and attractions.


September is an extremely eventful month for the charming city of Philadelphia. It’s practicaly impossible to travel there without landing in the middle of some event, which seem purposly designed just to give locals another reason to celebrate. There is a mushroom festival, an apple festival and even a maple festival. But the big attraction of this month is definetely he Philly Fringe and Live Arts Festival , almost two weeks of live performances, good music and memorale comedy shows.


by stinkie pinkie

The texan city can still get pretty hot in Setember, but don’t panic because Houston is a record setter in terms of parks and shady gardens. Bikers, joggers and urban hikers will be delighted to discover such fabulous parks. September is the month when music lovers of all types will head for Houston, as the city announces some serious concerts.


Atlanta also gets pretty musical in September with one of its favorite festivals starting on September 24th. The festival features some popular US and European bands and will definitely manage to gather a huge crowd with Coldplay as headliners. The Georgia Aquarium will continue its jazz journely throughout September but there are other more diverse events, like a gay parade or anime convention.


by rhys asplundth

While other cities exploit their musical heritage Chicago releases its five senses and gives the start to a new edition of its gourmet festivals. This is you best chance to familiarize with the best Chicago chefs but an become a novice wine taster. The Chicago Jazz Festival also takes place in September.

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