Top 5 Busiest US airports

aerial view

Atlanta Airport ©dbking/Flickr

There are few other countries where air travel is more popular than in the US. Although the United States are a huge country, occupying almost a half of a continent, it doesn’t take more than a few hours to travel form New York to Los Angeles. The numerous airline and dense airport network makes flying the second most popular transport mean in the US.

So with all the popularity that air travel enjoys in the US, the fact that some of the biggest, busiest airports in the world can be found here should come as no surprise. Here’s a short list we’ve complied for you:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

This airport in Atlanta is not only the busiest in the US, but also in the entire world. It is hard to imagine a city, attraction or place that can accommodate approximately 95 million people (that is the number of passengers this airport receives in one year).  The secret of their success is quite simple: Atlanta may not be the most visited US cities, but it is certainly the major air travel hub, which means that many two stop flights will be directed through Atlanta.

aerial view

Atlanta Airport ©dbking/Flickr

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

While Atlanta is the major Southern hub, the airport in Chicago covers the northern states. Although this airports receives only about two thirds of the total number of passengers that board annually in Atlanta, a decade ago it was considered to be the world’s busiest. Still, with a total of 5 terminals and 7 runways, the O’Hare airport is quite impressive.

Los Angeles International Airport

Commonly known as LAX, the airport in Los Angeles in the biggest on the West Coast (and implicitly in California). Situated in a very popular touristic area, the airport itself is an attraction, known for its unique design and the iconic Theme Building.

Los Angeles Airoprt

LAX © prayitno/Flickr

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Where else but in Texas could one of the top 5 busiest US Airports be found? In 2012, almost 60 million people have boarded from this airport. But while the Fort Worth occupies a respectable rank 4 in terms of passenger traffic, in terms of size is the second in the country.

Denver International Airport

The last airport on our list is located close to the heart on the country, in the beautiful state of Colorado. While its central position justifies the amount of traffic, it is the original architecture that makes this airport a definite must-see. The airport has a distinguishing peaked roof, which resembles the shape of the near-by mountains.


Denver Airport © david__jones/Flickr

Got interested in visiting the United States? Be aware that if you are traveling from the European Union, Australasia or some part of Asia you are required to apply for an ESTA visa (ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization). Just to make sure everything will go smooth, one should apply for this visa at least 72 hours prior to departure.

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