Top 5 Biggest Monuments in the US

St Louis monument

St Louis Arch ©Archbob/Flickr

There are many ‘big’ things in the US: big cities, big buildings, big canyons, big mountains…and the list can continue. Some of these are the creation on nature alone, but there are also those who reflect man’s perpetual attempts to defy the laws of physics and go beyond his limits. Some of the most famous monuments in the US are also remarkable for their size. You can find them everywhere in the US, in the middle of mountains or in the center of a busy city. Check out my top 5 biggest monuments in the US and see what makes these attractions worth seeing:

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore  has become a universally acknowledged symbol of the United States. Carved in the granite face of the mountain there are four figures, depicting four of the most popular US presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Each figure is 18 m high and can be seen from great distance. Rushmore Mountain represents a protected area, with a National Park status and can be found in South Dakota.

national park Dakota

Mount Rushmore ©pepplerchristine/Flickr

The Gateway Arch of St Louis, St Louis

Arguably the tallest monument in the United States, the St Louis arch is to St Louis what Lady Liberty is for New York. Despite being a relatively young monument – the Arch was completed in 1965 – this St Louis attraction enjoys plenty of visitors, and is considered a monument of national importance. And, believe it or not, visitors can go inside and then up on the observation point at the top of the arch. Not the kind of experience that a claustrophobic will enjoy, though.

St Louis monument

St Louis Arch ©Archbob/Flickr

Washington Memorial, Washington DC

Washington Memorial in Washington DC is one of the oldest monuments in United States’ capital city, and certainly the tallest. The monument was made entirely of stone (with a marble facade) and is meant to honor the memory of George Washington. Its height is quite impressive, especially for a 19th century obelisk: almost 170 m. The Washington memorial is also a main attraction in Washington, and a national symbol.

Washington DC

Washington Monument ©eschipul/Flickr

San Jacinto Monument, Houston

Even taller than the Washington Memorial is the San Jacinto Monument, near Houston, Texas. Marking a famous battleground during the Texas War, this column stands at almost 173 m, which makes it the tallest of its kind in the entire world. The monument’s base is large enough to accommodate a small (but nevertheless interesting) museum, the San Jacinto Museum of History.

monument near Houston

San Jacinto Monument ©Rhonda-Tipton/Flickr




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