Top 5 Aquariums in the US

Long Beach aquarium

Sea Dragon – Aquarium of the Pacific ©tracie7779/Flickr

A visit to the aquarium is always a fun way to spend some quality time with your family and friends. And with their huge tanks and underwater tunnels, today’s aquariums are not only instructive, but also highly entertaining.

Some of the world’s biggest, most modern aquariums can be found in the United States. Here you can admire thousands of species of fish and marine animals, gathered around from all the corners of the world. Also, some of these aquariums have their own research centers, which makes them just as interesting for researchers as they are for members of the public. Here’s our choice of top US aquariums:

Aquarium of the Pacific, California

One of the most popular aquariums on the West Coast, The Aquarium in Longbeach is widely known for its shark tank. Here you’ll have the chance to get a full glimpse at many of the shark species living in the Pacific Ocean. If you are interesting in observing some of the less fierce species, there will be playful seals swimming around you in the underwater tunnel, and up on the terrace you can touch a stingray or a small shark.

Long Beach aquarium

Sea Dragon – Aquarium of the Pacific ©tracie7779/Flickr

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

The aquarium in Atlanta is not only the largest in the USA, but also the world’s biggest. With its huge tanks and modern facilities, the aquarium is also one of the most interactive. There will be fish and sea animals from several habitats, and a 100-feet glass tunnel for perfect display.

Atlanta Aquarium

Underwater Tunnel – Georgia Aquarium © Mike Johnston/Flickr

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Any of the institutions in our top 5 aquariums in the US is exceptional in its own way, but none is so kid-friendly as the Monterey Bat Aquarium. Obviously designed with a younger audience in mind, the aquarium features a spash zone, an underwater tunnel, dozens of workshops and interactive displays.

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas‎, New Orleans

No other aquarium in the United States will offer such a complete experience as this aquarium in New Orleans. Half aquarium, half zoo, the Audubon host species from all over to world, from sea horses to penguins. Also close to the aquarium you’ll find an insectarium, IMAX theater, park, as well as a golf course.

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon

The aquarium in Oregon is one of the few in the world to have so many open air exhibits. Unlike the regular aquarium with its enclosed glass tanks, at the Oregon aquarium you will walk among trees and flowers and observe sea animals in some special outdoor pools. At 200 feet, their underwater tunnel is also exceptional.

open tanks

seal at Oregon Aquarium ©Oregon Attractions/Flickr


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