Tips for getting married in Las Vegas

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I’ve just realized we had several Vegas-related posts on our blog, yet none about weddings. Las Vegas, as we all know, is the place to go when you want to get married fast and without too much fuss. The city is filled with chapels and priests of various denominations, ready to pronounce you husband and wife. Getting married in Las Vegas is fast, fashionable and romantic, but it is not totally worry-free. You still have to take care of some small details if you want your fabulous Vegas wedding to go without incidents. Here are a few tips for getting married in Las Vegas, I hope it helps 😉

Where to start

Well, the place to start depends a lot on your expectations. You might want a proper wedding, in which case it means you will have to make invitations for your guests, choose a chapel, a reception venue, book hotel rooms and plane tickets, buy the proper wedding garments, etc. etc.

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Or, you can simply show up at some random chapel  – there are plenty of these in Vegas. Chapels can be found inside some casino resorts, but also independently. The best idea, however, is to try and make a reservation – you don’t want to wait 5 hours in a line.

Are there any legal requirements?

The reason why weddings are so popular in Vegas is that they imply very few legal requirements. However, everyone must get a marriage license before going before the priest. This is easy to obtain, all you need is a photo ID, having the legal age and paying a 60$ fee.

wedding under Vegas sign

Vegas wedding ©Vix_B/Flickr

Tips for foreigners

Foreigners can also get married in Vegas, especially now when there are more and more chapels which offer services in various languages. However, there are some extra requirements for people outside the United States: just remember to have your marriage certificate translated and certified before you leave the country.

Is there a best time to get married in Las Vegas?

There is no best time, however you should take into account the busier time of the year, as, for example, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July or the New Year. Also, in case you are getting married in summer, try to avoid an outdoors wedding, unless you want to be slowly cooked at 40 degrees Centigrade.

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What happens after the wedding?

Although most chapels provide complete wedding services (ceremony, accessories, witnesses), this doesn’t mean they also organize your wedding reception. So you either take care of that yourself, by booking a nice restaurant, or you head straight for your honeymoon!

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