Things to Do in Central Park New York


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The green heart of Manhattan, Central Park is arguably the most famous and photographed park in the world. A widely popular recreation and hangout place with New Yorkers, Central Park is equally famous among tourists, who come here to relax after a full day of sightseeing or to explore the parks numerous attractions. One of the biggest museums in New York, the Metropolitan, is also located within the park but in addition to visit the must-see attractions there will be plenty of things to do in Central Park New York:

Attractions in Central Park

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As I mentioned before, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is probably the most visited building in the park. If you happen to visit this museum – which I highly recommend – you must definitely go on top of it, where the wide terrace will reward you with one of the most beautiful panoramas of Central Park and Manhattan skyline.  Other museums which are right near the park are the Guggenheim Museum and The American Museum of Natural History.

The Central Park Zoo is one of the park’s most iconic attractions. The park includes animal species from three different climate zones as well as numerous special tours and events for kids. Everywhere in the park you can find monuments and statues representing famous people or fictional characters, like Shakespeare, Alice from Alice in Wonderland or the heroic sled dog Balto. A round-shaped art work near the former house of John Lennon, named ‘Strawberry Fields’ is dedicated to the artists who was shot dead just several blocks from the park.

Leisure time activities in Central Park

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Once you are in the park, you can engage in all kinds of activities which are available for a decent fee or in some cases even for free. Bike rentals are common among tourists, but those wanting to indulge themselves might as well opt for a horse carriage tour of the park. The park’s carousel and the skating rinks are two of the crowd’s favorite leisure time activities. You can also engage in some water related activity, like taking a boat ride across the park’s big water reservoir or even a gondola ride for the more pretentious. There are some really nice restaurants and cafes in the park, as well but be willing to cue if you want a piece of cheesecake or a typical New York hotdog.  A common sight in the park are the amateur photographers and birdwatchers – if you see people staring at the buildings through powerful binoculars, don’t be surprised: they are most likely trying to get a glimpse at the Pale Male, the notorious hawk whose nest overlooks the park.

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