Things to Do in Atlanta

by james rintamaki

A major air transport hub and former Olympic host, Atlanta is among the most popular destinations in the US. With an impressive skyline and a very diverse population, this city in the South-Eastern USA is a much sought-after location for both business and leisure activities. Deciding what things to do in Atlanta might not be the easiest thing ever: there are so many things around, and never enough time to do them all. However, I hope the following suggestions will be of some use:

Take an electric car tour

Starting your Atlanta experience with a guided tour of the city will help you get a better idea of your whereabouts and sort your priorities easier. You’ll get a comprehensible description of what is there to see and maybe some interesting historical insights as well. Not to mention that an electric car tour is the perfect choice for the environmentally sensible tourists looking forward to minimalize his or her carbon footprint.

Peak inside the CNN studio

The big CNN studio in Atlanta offers visitors the unique chance of a behind the scene tour. The tour is highly interactive and available all weekdays, for a general admission price of 15 $ per person. Kids and seniors will get a discount, but for some extra bucks you can book the special VIP tour.

Taste 60 different types of soda

by fw_gadget

No visit to Atlanta should ever miss a visit to the fabulous World of Coca-Cola. World’s most famous soda drink was invented more than one century ago, and the museum will give you an insight into the fascination story behind Coca-Cola, including movies, vintage bottles collections and drink sampling.

Watch a puppet show

The Center for Puppetry Arts is among those unique Atlanta attractions. Partly museum, partly puppet theatre, the center will help you discover the beauty and subtleties of this ancient art. You can even stay in for a show if you want to, like some children’s story or some adult satire which is highly avantgardistic.

Take a cure of fresh air at Stone Mountain Park

by inspired N07

The Stone Mountain Park represents Atlanta’s favorite outdoor recreation area. The park is huge and packed with attractions, including a cable car and children’s train, adventure courses, paddleboats,  picnic and camping sites, hotels, restaurants and lodges. There are events and festivals all year round, with Snow Mountain and the Pumpkin festival among the most popular attractions.



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