The Most Popular Rides in Orlando

by AdamCaudill

With summer already here, we thought you might use an inventory of the most popular rides in Orlando‘s theme parks. There are very few other – if none – resorts in the world that can compare with Orlando in terms of fun and thrills. While Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World are the most famous theme parks in town, there are plenty of other parks and entertainment facilities you might try, from water sports to balloon rides. Orlando is the kind of place where kids will never get bored. Today, however, we will try to focus on the thrill and present you some of the most exciting, jaw-dropping rides:

Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom

by TFDuesing

Together with the thrills of riding this impressive, $ 100 worth of technology and innovation, state-of-the-art roller coaster, you might get some goose bumps, as well. The artificial mountain that took over 6 years to design and built is haunted by Yeti, the mythical snow monster. The ride is worth the queuing, if not for the sake of adrenaline and terrific theme, at least for admiring the 22-foot tall Yeti.

Kraken, Sea World

Speaking of legendary monsters, the figure of Kraken seems to have haunted human’s imagination for centuries. The ship-eating sea-monster from Pirates of the Caribbean is one of its latest and most scary impersonations. Its creators couldn’t have chosen a better name: with a vertical drop of 144 ft and numerous spins and rolls, this roller coaster at Sea World Orlando is scary just to look at.

Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom

by bdesham

This is a terrific ride great for sci-fi fans and not only. The ride has been recently renovated and is much appreciated for its mesmerizing visuals, which try to simulate a flight through space. The Space Mountain can be pretty frightening for children who are scared of the dark, so make sure you consider that before you book your tickets. Another great thing about this ride is that it has replicas in 3 other Disneyland parks, so people from 3 continents can enjoy it.

Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios

I must confess I hesitated in presenting this last of the best rides in Orlando (The Incredible Hulk was also a strong candidate). The revenge at the Mummy finally gained the biggest score due to the unequalled special effects. It’s a successful mix of a roller-coaster and house of horror, perfect for adrenaline seekers of all ages. Watch out for the scarabs!


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