The Best Places to Stay in Orlando

by gary storts

Orlando is certainly the kind of place that one would at least once consider as a holiday destination: in addition to the nice weather and wide beaches, Orlando is everything the theme park aficionados ever wished for. It’s quite hard to imagine the sort of activity, ride or entertainment facility that Orlando cannot provide. The mild weather makes Orlando an all year round destination, but despite this great flexibility the city’s parks, hotels and beaches will be always crammed with tourists. Accommodation in Orlando is available for all tastes and all pocket sizes, however for an uneventful visit you should consider carefully these best places to stay in Orlando:

Budget Accommodation

by mrkathika

A very important tip when it comes to choosing your hotel in Orlando is to think exactly where you want to go and what you want to do. People usually tend to book the hotels which are closer to the theme parks and which are not always the cheapest. If you think that you’ll spend most of your time having fun in the parks, it is really not worth paying hundreds per night for a luxury hotel room which is only used for sleeping. For decently priced accommodation, try some places like the Holidays Inn, Comfort Inn, Days Inn or Sheraton, big hotel chains with strategic locations near the parks. In the suburbs of Orlando you might also find so really nice locally owned inns and small hotels.

Resort Hotels

A popular choice for families and big groups is to grab one of the many resort hotel deals. Whether you choose the Walt Disney World Resort or the Universal Studios Resort (these are the two big theme parks in Orlando), be sure that you will be as close as possible to your favorite rides and attractions (you might get some nice freebies, as well).

Luxury Accommodation

by theme park mom

If you want to make the best of your trip and indulge yourself with such amenities like hot tub and a room with a view, the only think you have to do is check some five star hotels in Orlando. The above mentioned resorts have their own offer of luxury apartments and villas, but you can also adventure yourself outside the resorts. Orlando World Center Marriott is famous for its huge golf course but the Nickleodeon Hotel, Ritz Carlton Orlando or Waldorf Astoria Orlando are all prestigious brands.




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