The best 21 century landmarks in the US

big tank

Georgia Aquarium ©Girish…/Flickr

If you take a look at the most visited attractions in the US, you will notice that some of these landmarks are just a few years old. But considering that news travel almost as fast as lightning in the tourism industry, it is no wonder that some museum opened just a year ago is already visited by thousands of people daily.

Also, we have to be aware that the United States are a big country and here people do tend to travel a lot. So many of them probably enjoy having something new to visit whenever they go to Washington or New York. I will dare say that these following recent developments represent the best 21 century landmarks in the US:

Skywalk, Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyonis one of the oldest attractions in the US: it was there before the European settlers, the Native Americans and even the human race. People have been marveled at its epic landscapes for hundreds of years.

Grand Canyon panorama

Grand canyon skywalk ©L. Richard Martin, Jr./Flickr

But only after the addition of the Skywalk in 2007 could everyone stare at the depths of this magnificent canyon as if they were walking on thin air. The Skywalk is a U-shaped metal and glass deck, suspended above the abyss – the floor is made of glass, and you’ll be staring at a 240m vertical drop.

Coca-Cola World, Atlanta

Could you have imagined that this Atlanta attraction is only 5 years old? Yes, you heard me right, the World of Coca-Cola first opened its doors in May 2007, and became an instant hit on Atlanta’s tourist map. The place explores the history of the world-famous drink, with lots of interactive exhibits displaying bottle designs and adverts from around the world. You can also sample over 60 different Coke varieties.

inside Coca-Cola World

Coke bottle designs ©quinn.anya/Flickr

Millennium Park, Chicago

Although the construction of this park did began in the previous century, the park was finalized and open to the great public only in 2004. The park is famous for its contemporary design and its huge rooftop garden (covering a re-designed train station). It has also become the site of numerous festivals, concerts and events, especially in summer.

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

Atlanta leads the top of best 21 century landmarkswith another recent and most important addition: the Georgia Aquarium. This 2005 attraction claims to be the biggest aquarium in the whole world. It also claims to have the largest collection of underwater species in the world.

big tank

Georgia Aquarium ©Girish…/Flickr

One of the highlights of the aquarium is the huge tank hosting 4 whale sharks – the biggest fish in the world.  This aquarium is also good in terms of educational facilities: it features numerous interactive exhibits and workshops, as well as a training and research center for veterinarians.

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