Spectacular Fall Foliage Destinations

In most of the temperate climate areas, the middle of October marks a very important event: it’s the time when fall foliage reaches its peak. A trip to the nearest forest can reveal the most unexpected color palette: this is indeed the most poetic side of autumn.
Just like in spring people would travel hundreds of miles just to watch the cherry blossoms, admiring the fall foliage is a good enough reason to get you planning a weekend trip into the woods. Hence, today I though you might enjoy a short presentation of some spectacular fall foliage destinations across the USA:


by nicholas_T

It’s hard to point out the location for the best fall foliage destination in Pennsylvania. It’s enough to follow some of the national highways that are crossing the state – soon enough, you’ll find yourself in a moving kaleidoscope of oranges, crimson reds, yellows and pale greens. Fall foliage is a much expected and much celebrated event in Pennsylvania: there are numerous towns where the phenomenon is considered a holiday, so people gather around and celebrate with music and food.

New England

by ilovebutter

Mid to late October marks the peak of fall foliage in New England. This coquette northern state with its particular rural charm and historic farmhouses becomes even more attractive in autumn. The Kangamagus Highway in New Hampshire is represents the ultimate experience in terms of New England fall foliage: you’ll get to drive through miles and miles of ever changing forests.


Those on the West Coast don’t necessarily have to adventure East for the only sake of autumn leaves. All over Sonoma Country in California, fall puts up quite a show with every year. While traveling among vineries and Mediterranean style houses, tourists can indulge on a very diverse palette of colors and trees – not to mention that grapes too at their best.

South Carolina

For whoever missed out fall foliage in the Northern half of US, there is still a change to witness this amazing phenomenon by simply traveling south. Nature starts changing its colors only in mid November across South Carolina. Head for the Cherokee Foothills and drive along their scenic highways.


by cwwycof1

Best reason to head for Tennesse as soon as October starts? Well, here are the Smokys, of course. Offering arguably the best mountain landscapes on the East Coast, the Smoky Mountain National Park is a four season destination. It is common belief that a sunny October day can really bring out the best in these picturesque mountain ranges and their majestic old woods.

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