Some Interesting Thanksgiving Traditions

by spakhrin

With this year Thanksgiving almost knocking at the door, it’s time to make an inventory of some interesting Thanksgiving traditions. Thanksgiving itself is a very interesting holiday, which is only celebrated in USA and Canada. It’s a time of remembrance, of family reunions and, of course, a good time to be thankful!
It’s the usual tradition for US and Canadian citizens to gather around a family dinner on Thanksgiving weekend, and celebrate with roast turkey and pumpkin pie. Some might choose to travel instead, however it is worth taking a look at some unusual customs and traditions taking place across the continent in this very special November day:

A Hearty Dinner

by besighyawn

As I said before, the Thanksgiving dinner in the company of family or close friends is the most popular Thanksgiving tradition. As Thanksgiving happens on a Thursday, the dinner usually takes place in weekend, and it resembles a royal feast. In USA, most families will have a roasted, stuffed turkey on their tables, but other traditional dishes like sweet potatoes and spicy pumpkin pie will also be present.

The Break of the Wishbone

If there is turkey, there will most certainly a big wishbone left at the end of the dinner. In many families celebrating Thanksgiving, the pulling of the wishbone is one of the key moments of the celebration. Two members of the family or dinner guests grab an end of the wishbone, make a wish and pull as hard as they can. The one that gets the most of it will have their wish come true!

Thanksgiving Parades

Even though the Thanksgiving dinner usually takes place during the weekend, the Thanksgiving day itself doesn’t go uneventful. There is a commercial side of Thanksgiving, as well, so there will probably be a lot of things going on in the big commercial centers. But a very interesting tradition is represented by the Thanksgiving parades – also organized by big department stores. The first one took place in Philadelphia but the biggest one takes place in NYC – people travel cross country just to see Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The Big Pardon

by mike licht

Turkeys certainly have a double-sided role to play in the whole Thanksgiving business: they are the stars, but also the victims of the day. But it doesn’t necessarily have to end this way: the lucky turkey that is send as a gift to the White House will get, by tradition, a pardon, which means it will walk free and unharmed and life a rich, full life.

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