Shopper’s Guide to San Diego

central San Diego

San Diego mall © Nonsequiturlass/Flickr

San Diego is a top beach and entertainment destination on the West Coast. As California‘s southern-most city, San Diego enjoys the benefits of its warm climate, which makes it an all-year round destination. San Diego is also a city with great opportunities for shopping: luxury shoppers and budget shoppers alike will be delighted do discover the city’s numerous malls, department stores and boutiques. Shopping-wise, the suburbs of San Diego can be just as interesting as its central areas, which makes San Diego a great destination of shopping trips. You can find more about the city’s shopping areas from our shopper’s guide to San Diego:

Malls and outlet centers

The area of San Diego is a shopping heaven for those who prefer malls and big shopping centers. There are numerous malls and department stores, located in both central San Diego and the city suburbs. Fashion Valley is allegedly the most popular of all San Diego malls, offering wide selection of American and international brands, as well as agglomeration of luxury brand boutiques. Westfield’s Mission Valley Center, Westfield Shoppingtown UTC, Parkway Plaza, Horton Plaza are just a few of San Diego’s suburban malls. For some bargain shopping, you can try any on the following outlet centers: Lake Elsinore Outlet Center, Carlsbad Premium Outlets or Las Americas Premium Outlets.

city mall

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Shopping streets and districts

You will find most of the well-known clothing, shoes and accessories brands at the malls. However if you prefer another type of shopping experience, we would suggest looking into San Diego’s suburban shopping districts. Here you can find some of the local brands, together with a range of fresh products, crafts and antiques. You can spend an entire day just strolling and indulging in the local restaurants of Gaslamp District, La Jolla or Little Italy.

central San Diego

San Diego mall © Nonsequiturlass/Flickr

Specialized shops

In case you are looking for something in particular, like souvenirs, or jewelry or vintage wines, then you are probably wondering which are the best places to buy these products. Again, San Diego is surprisingly well-organized at this chapter. You will soon discover that specialized shops tend to cluster together, which means that if you want to buy a bottle of California wine and a set o coasters, for example, you won’t have to travel through the whole city. Such, for example, are the stores at SoLo, which specialize in various design items (house decoration, furniture) or stalls at Kobey’s Swap Meet.

San Diego

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