San Francisco’s Best Summer Events

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It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t be totally mesmerized by the charming San Francisco: its vintage cable cars, its unbelievably steep streets, its jazz clubs, and its hipster culture continue to attract millions of visitors each year. And at no other time of the year is San Francisco more lively and more charming then in summer. While the torrid summers put the rest of California on idle, San Francisco enjoys a breezy, pleasant summer and thus becomes a playground for the most various events, from carnivals and freedom parades to concerts and impromptu gigs. In case you’re planning a trip to the City by the Bay, here come San Francisco’s best summer events:

Fillmore Jazz Festival

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Few decades ago, San Francisco’s Fillmore Street was the favourite hangout place for some of the best jazz musicians in the USA.  To celebrate the important role the Fillmore Street jazz clubs have played in the history of American jazz, jazz fans and musicians gather every year at the beginning of July for three days of divine jazz sessions, great food and partying. The Fillmore Jazz Festival is widely recognized as one of the best such events in the whole country, and a good opportunity for connoisseurs and not only to enjoy the authentic San Francisco spirit.

SF Pride Parade

San Francisco just wouldn’t be the same without its large gay communities. The City by the Bay is known for its role in the hippie revolution and the LGBT movements back in the 60s and 70s. Today, this contribution is celebrated through several freedom parades, the biggest of which – the Pride Celebration and Parade – takes place every year at the end of June.

North Beach Festival

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San Francisco jazz mural ©DominusVobiscum/Flickr

Allegedly the biggest open air festival in the San Francisco area, the North Beach Festival will reach its 58th edition in mid June. The primary location of the events is Washington Square Park, where thousands of people gather around to enjoy the free music. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is primarily and arts and crafts festival, so expect to admire amazing creations and taste the best gourmet food and drink that San Francisco has to offer.

Jewels in the Square

A popular meeting place, Union Square in San Francisco is famous for its central location and high street shopping. But for several hours every week the square becomes an ad-hoc stage for performers of all kinds. Dancers, singers, circus artists and even classical music interpreters show off their talents every Wednesday and Sunday to the enchantment of the passers-by.

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