San Diego Attractions for Kids

In case you decide to take your family in a trip through the Golden State, you should know that the city of San Diego is the one destination for you. This southernmost Californian metropolis seems to have been designed especially to please the little ones. One week is hardly enough time to explore all its parks and entertainment facilities, including aquariums, zoos and theme parks. Kids probably know them all be heart already, but if you’re wondering what you should expect from San Diego, here’s a short description of San Diego attractions for kids:

The New Children’s Museum

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It might strike you as surprising but San Diego actually has its own state of the art museum which is dedicated exclusively to children. This encompassing museum has one sole purpose: educate children of all ages in all art-related fields and bust their creativity. Except for its permanent and temporary exhibitions, the museum also hosts numerous workshops, community programs and art related events.

LEGOLAND California

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Lego bricks have been fascinating kids around the world for generations now, but what can be more exciting than a whole amusement park themed around the little colorful bricks? With lots of thrill rides, souvenir shops, restaurants and even a water park, LEGOLAND announces to be a very entertaining, memorable experience.

San Diego Zoo

A trip to the zoo is nowhere near spectacular. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the San Diego Zoo, with some of the most fantastic creatures on display, as well as human to animal interaction activities, family sleepovers and special lectures. For a more adventurous experience, take your kids to the the nearby Safari Park, where special trains take visitors among habitats and animals from 4 continents.

SeaWorld San Diego

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The huge pools at SeaWorld let kids interact with some of the most amazing marine animals. Kids can touch and interact with the smart dolphins, cute penguins or even the peaceful beluga whales. You can also surprise the kids with a private behind-the-scenes tour or take part in an environmental awareness seminar. And, of course, don’t miss the shows!

Birch Aquarium

Here’s a great chance to learn everything about underwater ecosystems, sharks or whales! The aquarium at La Jolla is home to numerous species of colorful fish and corals, and also the perfect place to learn about the possible threats concerning these fascinating underwater universes. The aquarium also has a special program dedicated to some of the most bizarre marine animals, now endangered: seahorses.

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