Romantic Getaways in Orange County

romantic walk

couple at sunset © David N Cooper/Flickr

Orange County is America’s fun capital (just think about all those famous amusement parks) and a popular beach destination, but this doesn’t make it less suitable for a romantic escape. Couples who want to spend a quiet weekend in two or maybe a week full of sun and adventure in Orange Country will soon discover the romantic side of Orange Country.

Organizing the perfect romantic getaways in Orange Country is not even hard. Once you know your dates and you have a vague idea of what you would like to do or see, you can start your holiday planning. Here are some suggestions:

For a lazy romantic weekend…

Locking yourselves in your hotel room might be all you want from your romantic Orange County getaway. In this is the case, I suggest booking luxurious hotel with spa services and gourmet room-service, or maybe a nice seaside suite. The region excels in terms of lavish spa centers, as you can learn form this older article we published on Orange Country luxury spas. As for some rooms with a view, you’ll find a whole range of romantic hotels, inns and guest houses in towns such as of Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach or Newport Beach.

romantic walk

couple at sunset © David N Cooper/Flickr

For a romantic beach holiday…

It would be a pity to travel all the way to Orange County and not get a beautiful tan. This is a region famous for its beaches, which come in all types and sizes, from large family beaches to remote surfers beaches. As for the ideal beach for a couple, you could try driving along the Pacific Coast Highway – there are lots remote beaches along that road – or maybe some of the smallest beaches in communities like Balboa or Laguna Beach.

Californian beach

Laguna beach ©jcarbaugh/Flickr

For a taste of countryside lifestyle…

If you prefer orchards and wineries to waves and sand, you have come to the right place. There are few things more worthy of exploring in Orange County than the food. One can spend an entire day just driving from place to place, indulging in California-cuisine style foods, freshly picked fruits, local wines and decadent desserts. Try the Studio Restaurant in Laguna Beach, the Cedar Creek Inn Restaurant or Gelato Paradiso.

Pacific Highway 101

Californian landscape © Wonderlane/Flickr

For a thrilling vacation in two…

The great thing about choosing Orange County as your destination is that you can make your vacation as quiet or as thrilling as you want it. You can start with a whale-watching tour or a day visit to Disneyland. For the most daring of couples, several day surfing courses are also available.



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