Popular Sports Competitions in the US

by stephen_d_luke

USA is certainly a nation of sports lovers and sports spectators – no wonder that an event like the Super Bowl is watched every year by tenths of millions of people. But if you think that football reigns supreme in USA just like it does in Europe or South America, you’re wrong. Actually, Americans have their own name for this ‘minor’ sport – they call it soccer. Nevertheless, if you ever travel to the United States with the intention to learn about the country’s sport culture, then attending a football, basketball or baseball game should be among the first things to begin it. For a total immersion, try booking a ticket at one of these popular sports competitions in the US:

Super Bowl

A crucial event in the American pop culture, Super Bowl brings together the best of USA’s football teams. Super Bowl means huge audiences, big stars fighting to get an appearance in the show and lots of emotions. Many see Super Bowl as the biggest sports event in USA, if not for the number of spectators, then definitely for its popularity with advertisers: having one’s product advertised during the break is pure gold. One important thing to remember about Super Bowl  is that the two teams fighting for the titles are the winners of USA’s two major football leagues, the American Football League and the National Football League.

NBA All-Star

by rondostar

What makes this basketball game one of the most popular sports competitions in the US is the unprecedented degree of public involvement. Not an official competition game, the NBA All-Star is a special type of even in which the best basketball players in the States are selected by the public and split in two teams to offer a much celebrated display of their talents.


Adored by the entertainment hungry crowds and flirting with the hottest celebrities, the Wrestle Mania battle is the event of the spring. While the most famous wrestles hit the ring to show the best of their talents, the attending crowds grow bigger and bigger with each year – more than 100 000 people attended the event live during the 2011 edition.

Stanley Cup

by scazon

There’s no bigger honour for a North American hockey team than adding the Stanley Cup in their collection of trophies. The Stanley Cup tradition goes back to the late 18th century, and since then the cup has managed to create a whole myth around it. Even though there are still many disputes around this competition, it remains of America’s favourites.



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