Popular Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia

by melrin1075

Located in the lovely state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is a thriving, modern city infused with history. There are few other American cities that can pride themselves on so many museums and historic sights, which is kind of easy to understand as Philadelphia was one of the first cities established by the European settlers. The fact the Philadelphia came to play such a major part in the religious emancipation and racial desegregation is still reflected but the city’s cosmopolitan and sometimes bohemian feel. Philadelphia makes a great holiday destination for both the American patriot and the foreigner interested in American history. I therefore invite you to check out my list of popular historic landmarks in Philadelphia.

Liberty Bell

by rlinn

The two and a half century old bell is not only a symbol of Philadelphia, but of the entire American nation. The connotations and legends surroundings the Liberty Bell are numerous, but as the name tells you, it stands for individual freedom and equal rights. You have to know that the bell was not at all the center piece of Liberty Bell Center as it is today: it used to travel across the state, be carried at parades and even made its maiden journey across the Atlantic – as its makers were a British company.

African American Museum

The African American Museum was the first of its kind in United States and represents a mandatory destination for everyone interested in the Civil Rights Movement or the African American Culture. The museum host an impressive collection of documents, papers and multimedia archives related to African American history.

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

by andrewatla

This is in fact a house where the famous poet used to live with his wife and mother in law. Nothing very spectacular in this old house but it’s still fascinating to share the same house with a Romantic genius and let yourself inspired by its decadent atmosphere. While you won’t be haunted by the infamous raven, you will probably be sitting where at least some of Poe’s poems were written.


Germantown is a historic district of Philadelphia, known for its colonial charm and the numerous historic buildings and monuments. Some of these buildings are open for visitors so don’t miss the chance to visit this historic borough that once hosted George Washington. The Quakers who founded Germantown not only built these lovely houses but also defended them with heroism: the most notable event in the history of Germantown is the Battle of Germantown, during the American Independence War.


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