Popular Attractions near Chicago

brookfield zoo ©Franklin Park Library/Flickr

Chicago is a great place to visit no matter what the time of the year, and considering its variety of attractions you certainly won’t get bored. There is, however, another side of Chicago which is worth exploring – that is, if you’re willing to leave the city’s legendary skyscrapers behind and adventure into the suburbs. Many of these popular attractions near Chicago will be natural parks or theme parks, which is quite good, cause they are often disregarded by tourists:

Brookfield Zoo

This Chicago zoo might not be as famous as the ones in New York, for example, but this doesn’t make it less worthy of visiting. Actually, the zoo is not only quite old, but also quite big. What is great about Brookfield Zoo is that you won’t have to go through the torture of watching animals in cages: they each have their own enclosed area, with space to play and plants that imitate their natural habitat. Like the name tells you, the zoo is situated in the suburb of Brookfield.

Morton Arboretum

Often referred to as Windy City, Chicago might not sound very appealing for the nature lover. There are, however, some interesting natural attractions near Chicago, like the Morton Arboretum. This man made natural attraction includes miles of shady walking paths, some really beautiful gardens (to admire in late spring) as well as food facilities and a small library. All these are located in Lisle, a half an hour drive from Chicago.

Legoland Discovery Center

lego discovery centre ©Smart Destinations/Flickr

This is a fabulous attraction, aimed especially at kids, but which adults might enjoy as well. You might as well think of this attraction as an indoors, miniature Legoland, with attractions, play rooms, rides, cafes, but also with an educative side. You can also try the 4D cinema, or witness how the famous toy bricks are manufactured in a miniature factory. The center is located in Schaumburg, Illinois, and is open daily with the exception on national holidays.

Lambs Farm

lamb ©Kevin/Flickr

A less usual attraction is Lambs Farm, Libertyville. This place if very special because, unlike the usual farm where you can pet animals, have a picnic or just take a breath air, Lambs Farm is mainly a non-profit organization helping people with disabilities. So, while trying their traditional restaurant or playing mini-golf, you can also serve a good cause by donating or participating in a fundraising event. You can also shop for crafts and home made preserves, or simply explore the farm’s facilities.

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