Picturesque Small Towns in the US

by monamaynard

With cities like NYC, San Francisco or Las Vegas, the United States doesn’t lack breathtaking cityscapes, nor urban sophistication. While areas like New England, Louisiana or Colorado are reportedly scenic, an unexpectedly picturesque small town can pop up in any of your travels. Some of these might be a reminiscence of the Old West, some might have colonial-style institutions and some can be simply nice and harmonious. In selecting today’s most picturesque small towns in the US, we used no other criterion except that of ‘what pleases the eye’:

Bedford, Pennsylvania

Bedford is a tiny town in the state of Pennsylvania, with as many souls a New York block (or maybe higher building). But it surely compensates in terms of architecture and history (it once hosted George Washington). Once known for its iconic tea pot shaped building, today’s Bedford reaches the maximum of beauty and inhabitants in October, during the Fall Foliage Festival.

Bisbee, Arizona

by gamillos

Unlike the numerous ghost towns spread all over Mojave Desert, Bisbee is home to a thriving community. What was once a typical mining city has recently grown into a boho-settlement, with numerous artists living and creating in this beautiful setting. Apart from the Victorian charm, the lively cafes and the art venues, Bisbee as well can account for a famous visitor: Western movie icon John Wayne.

West Yellowstone, Montana

Mostly (almost exclusively) known as the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone is a several-block wonder of a town. Considering that tourism is the main industry here, West Yellowstone abounds in hotels, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Western-style saloons, hand painted adboards and log houses are the standard here. There are numerous attractions in town, as well as a small airport.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

This town and island in Lake Huron is no new discovery. The town has been long appreciated for its setting and remarkable architecture, hence its transformation in a summer resort. Environmentalists and outdoorsy persons will be delighted to discover that this is a no-vehicle resort, so they won’t be troubled by the roar of engines. If you ever get to travel here, make sure you taste the renowned fudge.

Ketchum, Idaho

by Alaskan Dude

Idaho still seems to hide numerous gems between its scenic mountains. Close to the state’s famous ski area, Ketchum enjoys a quaint atmosphere, despite a considerable amount of tourists. As for the magnificent setting, all I can say is that Ernest Hemingway chose to be buried here.

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