New York’s Best Parks and gardens

Central Park©http2007/Flickr

For many visitors anxious to discover its proverbial charm and sophistication, New York is a city synonym with sky scrapers, musicals and high life. The urban vibe of the Big Apple attracts millions of visitors every year, ready to get lost in the city of people, neon lights, cars, shops and pizza take-away places. But for all its glamour and hundreds of attractions, New York City can sometimes overwhelm you with its glass and steel buildings that cover most of the sky and the crazy traffic. Luckily, the city’s numerous (and often unexpectedly large) parks offer the perfect hideaway. For those looking for an escape or to discover some less explored sides of the Big Apple, here come New York’s best parks and gardens:

Central Park

The king of all New York parks, Central Park occupies a large piece of land in the heart of Manhattan. One of the most famous and photographed parks in the world, Central Park boasts with attractions, from the Famous Zoo and Boathouse Restaurant to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a world-famous museum. The contemplative natures looking for silence should check out the Conservatory Garden, a miniature botanical garden showing seasonal flowers. The park is also a good place to meet some authentic New Yorkers while engaged in their daily jogging, roller skating or bicycling routines, or simply sun bathing on a lawn.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden©cherrylet/Flickr

Those with a real passion for plants and flowers shouldn’t leave NYC without paying a visit to Brooklyn’s superb Botanical Garden. The garden encompasses several greenhouses filled with exotic plants, as well as a unique collection of plants inspired by Shakespearean plays. It’s one of the most children friendly attractions, with educational activities and workshops made exclusively for kids and scenic trails.

Hudson River Park

A long strip of green on the shore of Hudson River, this park is every biker’s or walkers dream. With beautiful views of the river and miles of walking trails and bike trails, this park is a favourite destination for joggers, but also for tourists craving for a breath of fresh air.

High Line Park

highline park©craigdietrich/Flickr

New York’s newest and most techie park, the High Line takes its name from the fact that it was literally represented a high line till years ago, but which was left in ruins for years till some brilliant activists came up with the idea of transforming it in a green space. Today, the High Line is a 1 mile wonder of suspended gardens, beautifully integrated into the city’s urban landscape.



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