New York Cheesecake Sampling Tips

by fred_v

Just like Chicago is famous for its pizza or Philadelphia for the Philly cheesesteak, food lovers associate NYC with the New York Cheesecake. The Big Apple bakers have managed to develop their own unique type of cake, so delicious that people might travel all across the continent just to taste it. If you are a newcomer in the world of cheesecake than I’m sure these New York cheesecake sampling tips will help you make an idea of this much appreciated dessert.
There is something I want to add, though, before listing my picks of the best cheesecake places in New York. Cheesecake fans should remember that this is the baked variety of cheesecake: in most places it will contain plenty of eggs, heavy cream and of course cheese – a rich, sophisticated cheesecake with a cosmopolitan flavor. Hence, the next restaurants and locations are all famous for their mouthwatering slices:

Eileen Special Cheesecake

Eileen Special Cheesecake opened up in the ’70s and maintained in the top 10 New York cheesecake bakers ever since. Their cheesecakes are praised for the interesting combinations of flavors, but also for the natural ingredients which combine into making that distinctive taste. Classic cheesecakes are also to be found on 17 Cleveland Place.

Two Little Red Hens

by cherrylet

That would be quite an unusual name for a cheesecake bakery. But the stranger the name, the better the cheesecake, it seems. This coquette bakery on 2nd avenue has so far received tons of praises and positive reviews, so expect to queue for a slice of their golden, heavenly cheesecake.


by robnguyen01

There is nothing about this vintage restaurant’s looks that might invite a true cheesecake fan in. However, cheesecake is the trademark of Junior’s and the reason why many New Yorker’s adventure into Brooklyn just to get a taste of it. Junior’s is also one of the oldest names in the business: almost 60 years of amazing cheesecake making.

S+S Cheesecake

Amazing cheesecake is also to be found in Bronx, where the S+S Cheesecake team continues to amaze visitors with their sweet creations. The location has a very unique look: it’s more like a cheesecake lover’s secret club, where people must ring the doorbell and say the secret password to get in.

Lady M Cake Boutique

The name oozes sophistication and this is exactly the feeling you’ll get when entering this posh bakery in Manhattan. They serve not only cheesecake but also delicious gateaux, crepes and other French inspired desserts. With its tiny but exclusive location the Lady M can be very hard to get, and their parices are not negligible either, but who ever tasted their fluffy cheesecake will come back again and again.

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