Must-see Orange County Celebrations

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Welcome to the sunniest county in sunny California! Orange County is well known for its perfect weather, exotic fruit crops and theme parks. But this region in California is also a land of great diversity, where every weekend you’ll be able to witness some enjoyable ethnic festival, country fair, open air concert or sports competition. With so many must-see Orange County celebrations going on, you’ll hardly ever get bored when visiting this blessed land. Here are some typical festivals that you might enjoy:

2011 Nike US Open of Surfing

by mikebaird

With a notorious surfer’s community, Orange County makes the ideal host for the 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing, the biggest surfing competition in the world. The competition has reached its 12th edition and it’s growing bigger with every year – for the 30th of July – 7th of July edition, organizers are expecting more than 500 000 spectators. If you don’t want to miss this ongoing display of skill and adrenaline, head for Huntington Beach asap.

Orange Country Fair

The slogan of this well-establish Orange county celebration couldn’t be simpler: “Let’s eat!”. The event brings together food lovers, musicians, awarded chefs and, most of all, a serious amount of participants, for almost a month of good eating, wine tasting and partying. The 20111 edition started in mid-July and will only end on the 14th of August – so plenty of time to catch up!;)

Pageant of Masters

The Pageant of Masters competition, part of Orange County’s Festival of Arts is very likely the most spectacular of all manifestations. The famous pageant evolves among a very ambitious and artsy plan: to reproduce works of art using real people and elaborate decors. The ‘tableaux vivants’ (living pictures) you can admire on stage are the result of a whole crew’s work, including talented artists and hundreds of hours of trials (they’re also accompanied by live music and live narrations).

Sunwood Street Faire/Garage Sale

by colros

Garage sales can be pretty fun to attend, but when over 150 homes open up their garages and invite you in, it’s a clear symptom of bargain-hunting fever. Believe it or not, this extended garage sale is actually an annual event, and 2011 marked its 33rd edition. Sunwood is the name of a neighborhood in the city of El Toro – if you are planning to pay this very enterprising community a visit next year, you should know that the garage sale usually takes place at the end of July.

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