Must-see Attractions in Miami

by dbking

One of the southern-most cities in the US, Miami is the kind of place where you’ll never find yourself missing the sun. With torrid summers and an obvious Spanish influence, Miami can well be considered as the ‘hottest’ destination in the United States. Holiday makers are generally attracted by the luxurious hotels and the fine beaches in Miami. But it’s hard to find a type of attraction or distraction that Miami cannot provide: from state of the art museums, to theme parks and night clubs, Miami has them all. And, like in the case of any other major US city, here are the must-see attractions in Miami that you simply cannot ignore:

Miami Metrozoo

by osseous

It’s hard to imagine a more common attraction than a city zoo, however the Miami Metrozoo is most definitely worth of attention. First of all, you’ll hardly see any cages and bars across this wide and encompassing zoo. Secondly, you have the chance to admire some very rare animals like the Bengal tiger, and if you are a child or feel like one you might even be allowed to pet some of the animals.

The Venetian Pool

The whole name of the attraction is actually City of Coral Gabel’s Venetian Pool. While the stone carved canals will remind you of the famous canals in Venice, there is no other connection with the Italian city. The architect was American and the water is always crystal clear, inviting visitors for a refreshing swim.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is another of Miami’s unrivaled family attractions. Located on a tiny island quite close to Miami Downtown, the island hosts an impressive number of parrot species, among which the colorful macaws. There will be also animal shows – expect a circus experience rather that a zoo.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

by alaskan dude

Almost unanimously rated as the best museum in Miami, Vizcaya is a breath of fresh air among the fun but mostly touristy Miami attractions. The museum’s building might appear much older than it actually is, which is exactly what its constructors hoped for. Inside you will be able to admire the intricate decors and an eclectic collection of antiques and European Art.

Everglades National Park

Quite close to Miami lies one of USA’s most popular national parks: the Everglades. The numerous channels which cross the park’s surface make it accessible by boat – otherwise you might book a tour or adventure in your own car. There are many things to admire and marvel at in the Everglades National Park: from the fascinating mangrove forests to the manatees, alligators and pelicans that inhabit them.

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