Most Popular Orange County Beaches

beach at sunset

Corona del Mar sunset ©tracie7779/Flickr

With its legendary surf culture, incredible gourmet restaurants and world-rate attractions, Orange County is one of California’s top tourist destinations. There is something for everyone in Orange Country, and the beautiful beaches make this well known Californian region even more appealing. Every year, the picturesque beaches of Orange County attract millions of sun-thirsty, fun-seeking tourists.

But where exactly in Orange Country can one find these fabulous beaches? Well, all you have do do is to keep reading and you will find your answer:

Crystal Cove

Located within a state park, the Crystal Cove hides one of the most scenic beaches on the Pacific Coast. Because it has a protected area status, the beach is much cleaner and quieter that you would expect of a beach of this size and beauty. There are also some excellent diving spots, and enough wildlife to make you feel that you’re visiting a natural park.

Laguna Beach Cove

Laguna Beach is actually a beach community and popular summer resort in Orange County. There are more than a dozen beaches around Laguna Beach town, as well as some beautiful, secluded coves. Some of the beaches are great for scuba diving, while others are preferred by surfers for their nice waves.

hidden cove

Laguna Beach cove ©danxoneil/Flickr

Corona del Mar

Not far from Newport Beach you will find the small town of Corona del Mar. With great facilities and a small town atmosphere, the beaches of Corona del Mar are quite popular with families. Two of the best known beaches are the Big Corona beach and the Little Corona beach.

beach at sunset

Corona del Mar sunset ©tracie7779/Flickr

Huntington Beach

Known by surfers all over the world, Huntington Beach is the heart and soul of Orange County’s surfing community. But excellent waves and a laid-back atmosphere are not the only reasons to visit Huntington Beach. The wideness of the beaches make them suitable for all kinds of beach-related activities and water sports, from beach volley and skating to swimming and boogie boarding. Not to mention that the facilities and life-guarding services are of very high standards, which make Huntington Beach one of the safest beach destinations on California.

Orange County beaches

huntington beach ©blackwing_de/Flickr

State Beach, San Clemente

San Clemente might not be very famous outside Orange County, yet it does have one of the most popular beaches in the region. While the find sand beaches are ideal for sunbathing, the iconic fishing pier is a favorite with both local and visiting fishermen.  The surrounding hills make San Clemente beaches particularly charming.


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