Most famous streets in New York

shopping district

Apple store 5th Avenue ©ph_en/Flickr

Some say that being a taxi driver in New York, one of the biggest cities in the world, is one of the hardest jobs ever. Well, this is only partially true: the street layout for New York in general and Manhattan in particular (cause this is where most tourists go) were very carefully planned. Streets in New York follow some simple and clear rules – learn these and you won’t even need a map.

Another fascinating thing about New York is how famous some of its streets have become. So famous, that they alone represent important tourist attractions. The following are some of the most famous streets in New York – take a look and see what makes them so popular:


Broadway is one of the oldest and longest streets in Manhattan, crossing the island from north to south. Several decades ago, theater companies started re-locating along this central street, so gradually the street turned into an entertaining district. When they speak of Broadway today, few people refer to the street: they actually mean showbiz, and the tradition of American musicals.

a walk on Broadway

Broadway posters ©Broadway Tour/Flickr

Broadway is an experience in itself: colorful neon adverts invite you to see the latest show, fancy dressed New Yorkers and tourists queue at the theaters’ entrances and you’re just a few blocks away from the even more famous Times Square.

Wall Street

While Broadway means entertainment, Wall Street means money. This narrow street is where the New York Stock Exchangeis located and the place where some of the most important financial transactions take place. Wall Street is where business-types in their black smart suits rush in for work early in the morning, but also where an important attraction, the Federal Hall, is located.

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New York Stock Exchange ©zoonabar/Flickr

5th Avenue

I like to think of 5th Avenue as the street that got them all: the most expensive boutiques, the best museums in New York, Central Park and some of the city’s best known skyscrapers are all located along this street. Thus, you can start your day early with a visit at the Metropolitan Museum and maybe also the Guggenheim, have a relaxing lunch in Central Park, and then check out the latest creations of fashion gurus like Versace, Armani, Cartier or Luis Vuitton. Geeks can also hang around the big Apple Store on 5t Avenue.

shopping district

Apple store 5th Avenue ©ph_en/Flickr

Park Avenue

Andy Warhol used to say that ‘success is a job in New York’. My guess is that he actually meant ‘Success is a job on Park Avenue’. This famous New York street hosts hundreds of big company offices, as well as some well-known luxury hotels (Waldorf Astoria is probably the best example). This street is also a good place to admire the elegant architecture of Manhattan‘s skyscrapers, with many buildings dating back to the first half of the 20st century.



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