Luxury Shopping in Los Angeles

While Paris, Milan or New York might be the unanimously accepted fashion capitals of the world, there is no place like Los Angeles when it comes for luxury shopping and exclusive boutiques. The glam and extravagance of Hollywood reflects in the incredible number of luxury brand stores located in fancy neighborhoods like Beverly Hills or Bell Air. Which is quite understandable, considering a star’s constant need for expensive clothes and jewelry to be shown off at awards ceremonies and red carpet events ;). Not to mention the fact that, like it or not, celebrities are the easiest way for designers to make their creations known: when Angelina Jolie decides to wear a Dior dress, half of the world will know it by next day.
Luxury shopping in Los Angeles is like riding bikes in Amsterdam: you can’t avoid it, you can just embrace it. So in the eventuality that you’ve won the lottery or are determined to do everything in your power to look like Megan Fox or Nicole Kidman, here are some great places to shop in the City of Angels:

Melrose Avenue

by Californian Em

Probably the name already pops up famous people into your mind, but you should know that Melrose Avenue is also one of the most sough-for celebrity shopping areas. We don’t know exactly who were the first here, the celebs or the brands, but it’s certain that names like Alexander McQueen, Agent Provocateur or the more underground Chantell and SLOW will make every fashionista overjoyed with excitement.

Ventura Boulevard

by sfxeric

Ventura Boulevard in San Fernando Valley has a reputation for having managed to gather the majority of LA’s boutiques along one glamorous, buzzing street. Here you can satisfy the most extravagant tastes or wishes, from getting a tattoo to have your Chihuahua styled up by an eccentric pet hairdresser. This is one of the most fashionable, hip areas of LA, so watch out for celebs in disguise and stylish Valley Girls.

Rodeo Drive

by praynto

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills represents the ultimate luxury shopping experience. Tenths of luxury boutiques, all concentrated along a tiny street. Valentino, Bvlgari, Armani, Cartier and De beers are only a small part of the famous brands you will discover in this elitist shopper’s heaven. And watch out for the dress code, otherwise you risk becoming a window shopper.

Montana Avenue

Montana Avenue in the heart of Santa Monica is the typical LA Street, where Californian cuisine meets European fashion. In addition to being a favorite celebrity hangout place, with lots of high class restaurants and wine shops, Montana Avenue is also appreciated for its classy display of fashion boutiques.

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