January Holiday Events in Orlando

by NOOA's National Ocean Service

In the sunny and eventful Orlando, January is one of the busiest months of the year. Even though January is not traditionally considered as a month suited for holidays, it might be the perfect time to visit Orlando. Orlando is among those places that gets crazy busy during summer, so an early 2012 visit will let you enjoy more of its attractions and good weather without having to worry about the crowds and queues. If you are planning to take a tour of Orlando’s fabulous theme parks, you should know that January marks one of those rare moments when the queues are almost non-existent! With this important consideration in the back of your mind, here’s a list of a few January holiday events in Orlando – just to give you an idea about the activities and the fun you can get out of an early vacation in Florida’s entertainment capital:

Blue Spring Manatee Festival

Just a short drive from Orlando, Orange City is the host of a very unique event, the Blue Spring Manatee Festival. As the festival’s name suggests, this festival is dedicated to the manatees, which are a highly endangered species. The festival has a strong educational and awareness raising orientation, but it doesn’t mean that it’s less fun, especially for kids. Usual activities include free coach excursions to Blue Spring State Park, concerts, workshops and exhibitions.

Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza

by jepoirrier

Orlando is a favourite destination for families with kids, but adults who are less fond of Mickey Mouse or rollercoasters should know that Orlando is not the kind of place where they can get bored. January is when one of the biggest antique markets in the US takes place in Orlando. A great occasion to admire some really precious objects and crafts and, why not, a possible incentive to redecorate your house.

Walt Disney World Marathon

by jeffchristainsen

Running the marathon and enjoying the Walt Disney World in the same time? Sounds like a very crazy idea, yet we can only assume it’s a very fun thing to do since thousands of people join the race every year!  Even though the event is generally referred to as the marathon, it actually includes a whole week or races and competitions. You’ll get a chance to prove your endurance, meet some of Disney’s beloved characters and enjoy numerous other connected events on the way. Plus, every participant gets a Mickey Mouse medal at the end!

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