Ideas for Christmas shopping in New York

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OK, I do realize it might be a bit too late for anyone to be able to apply the suggestions in this post, now that Christmas and also the New Year have passed. But Christmas is just such a magical time of the year in New York City, and you could simply save these suggestions and hold on to them till the next year. Plus, I was really looking forward to write a post about ideas for Christmas shopping in New York, a true trend setter in terms of shopping, fashion, leisure time activities and  practically everything else:

Christmas markets

Originally a Nordic tradition, Christmas markets have become a common sight during the month of December in almost every major European and North American city. The tradition is also present in New York, were several holiday markets open their little shops and stalls in late November, selling Christmas ornaments, clothes, food and delicacies. Some of the most popular Christmas markets in New York are to be found in Manhattan squares like Union Square and Columbus Circle, as well as in the Grand Central Station (indoors) and around Bryant Park. For those on a budget, there is even a Christmas flea market in Brooklyn.

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New York Christmas gift shops

If the day is too cold or you simply you don’t like the crowded markets and fairs, there’s always the option of specialized Christmas gift shops. The good thing about big cities like New York is that there are several such stores where it’s always Christmas time. ‘It’s Always Christmas in the City’ at Pier 17 or the ‘Christmas Cottage’ on 7th Avenue are just two examples of such all year round Christmas stores.

Christmas store ©waitscm/Flickr

You can buy a very wide range of Christmas related items in these stores, from wood-carved Christmas tree decorations to cards, gingerbread or DIY kits. On the very urban and chic side of things, you could check out places like the MoMA Design Store for some really unique gadgets or quality art prints, the Lomography Gallery store for less conventional cameras or, in case your are passionate about vinyls and vintage CD’s, the Academy Records store in Manhattan.

Department Stores

Last but not least, another good option is represented by New York’s department stores and their much sought-for discounts, which usually start right after Christmas, on Boxing Day. Macy’s is probably the best known of all these stores: the NYC super-store offers anything from kitchen accessories to expensive perfumes and jewelry. Other popular stores in New York that might offer good deals immediately after Christmas are Century 21, Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Barney’s.

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