Hottest US Summer Resorts for 2013

California coast

Big Sur ©HBarrison/Flickr

Now that the midsummer of 2013 is here, there is no denying that a new summer awaits us. And what can be more exciting than the thought of a new summer holiday, full of fun and adventure?

I am sure that most of you have already booked their holiday and maybe even packed their bags. Other might be daydreaming about exotic destinations such as Hawaii or the Caribbean. What we propose today is another type of vacation. These next resorts are nowhere near big cities and famous holiday destinations. Yet, with their amazing locations and excellent services, they might offer you the holiday of a lifetime:

Skytop Lodge, Pennsylvania

An all season resort hidden deep into Pennsylvania’s woods, Skytop Lodge promises guests of all ages a memorable experience.  This luxurious and welcoming lodge takes its name form the Skytop Lake beside it. There will be so much to experience and explore around Skytop Lodge: fishing trips, whitewater rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, camping are just a few of the activities that the resorts provides. Those who just want to relax can make use of the spa center and private golf course.


Pennsylvania landscape © Nicholas_T/Flickr

Travaasa Resort, Texas

The Travaasa Resort near Austin is another resort worthy of our hottest US summer resorts for 2013 top. ‘Experince’ is the key word when it comes to Travassa. The resort has its own adventure center, offering a range of activities, from horseback riding to guided hiking trips. Food lovers can learn how to cook exquisite dishes under the supervision of a qualified chef, while fitness and spa aficionados can try one or more of the many treatments. You won’t be lacking arts and entertainment either: you may choose between learning traditional Texan dances or open air painting classes.

Texas desert

texan landscape ©greg westfall/Flickr

Post Ranch Inn, California

If you care for breathtaking panoramas, the Post Ranch Inn is definitely the place for you. Here at Big Sur, California, where the mountain meets the ocean, lies this chic and intimate resort. The accommodation offer is stunning: you can admire the ocean from your sea view infinity pool, or get drowsy from the crisp air of the pine forest surrounding your tree house. Between the morning yoga class and the gourmet dinner in the evening, you’ll have a full day you can spend relaxing, swimming or exploring the surroundings.

California coast

Big Sur ©HBarrison/Flickr


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