Halloween Travel: US Scariest Attractions

Good news for all thrill seekers: Halloween is fastly approaching, and along with it come the goose bumps! I assume most of you are way past the ‘trick and treat’ age and would really like to try some new sensations on this Halloween. Well, you might as well search the shops for the ultimate Halloween outfit or go DYI in an attempt to scare the hell out of your friends, but you have to remember that getting scared is also part of the Halloween experience. So why not do a little Halloween travel and visit some of US’s scariest attractions?

Bates Hotel

by identity photogr@phy

The movie Psycho will always remain a classic. The story of the psychotic killer Norman Bates is probably one of the scariest in the history of cinema and so now wonder the Bates Hotel in Philadelphia is one of the scariest haunted houses in the whole United States. With carefully planned scenes and Hollywood quality make-up, the attraction generates hundreds of horror screams each day.

The Dent Haunted Schoolhouse

Cincinnati, Ohio is another possible destination for this year’s Halloween. Cincinatti is home to another notorious horror house, known as the ‘The Dent Haunted Schoolhouse’. For its realistic, hellish decors and for the record number of visitors it managed to horrify, this house has attracted lots of acclaiming reviews and even some much appreciated prizes in the industry of fear.

Asylum and Hotel Fear

by sean macentee

The entertainment capital of America, Las Vegas, couldn’t have been omitted from our US scariest attractions list. The Asylum and Hotel Fear horror house in Las Vegas might have you thinking about some abandoned hotel. Actually, the whole business is located into a series of connected trailers. While thrill seekers might find this even more exciting, this is definitely the place for claustrophobics!

Jerome, Arizona

by mstefano80

Those who visited enough hoses of horror in their lives are probably bored of wannabe zombies and ghosts. Is this is the case with you, I suggest trying a whole new type of experience: ghost busting. Why not play a ghost buster yourself and visit a real ghost town? Arizona is famous for its ghost towns but none of them have managed to build such a bad reputation as Jerome, a defunct mining town. The spirits of the miners dead in accidents and resident suffering all kind of violent and awkward deaths are believed to stroll the empty streets at night.

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