Guide to visiting Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met, is one of the key attractions and a major cultural institution in New York City. With a Fifth Avenue Address and a huge, classical-style building that rises above the tree tops in Central Park, The Met is hard to miss. Actually, no matter what interest one has in visiting NYC, it is hard to imagine a travel guide, brochure or tour that won’t include the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This essential guide to visiting Metropolitan Museum of Art New York will give you all the information about admission hours, museum highlights, fees and access:

Museum Collections

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Its comprehensive and varied art collections are the main responsibles behind Metropolitan Museum of Art’s international fame.  The museum hosts extensive collections dedicated to different continents, cultures and historical periods like: Medieval Art, Asia Art, European Art, American Art, Roman and Greek Art, Islamic Art, etc. The Egyptian Art Gallery containing an authentic full-size temple and the European Modern Art collection are the highlights of the exhibition. In addition to these, the Met also hosts numerous photography, prints, fashion and modern art exhibitions.

Getting There

The Museum is located at 1000 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York. There is a nearby bus station, as well as a subway entrance (86th Street) located at few minutes walking. For those traveling by car, the Museum has its own parking, but at 24$ per 2 hours it can be rather pricey.

Museum hours and admission

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The museum is open every day of the week, with the exception of Monday. On Friday and Saturday, the museum stays open till 9 in the evening. New Year, Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only holidays when the museum is closed.

Admission at the museum is free for members, however in order to join they have to pay a membership fee. Admission fees start at $12 for students, and the regular, adult fee is 25$. Tickets can be also purchased online on the museum page, or through approved websites.


The museums has different adjacent facilities like cafes, cafeterias, libraries, restaurants and conference rooms.  The museum shop contains numerous souvenirs, art objects, books and prints.  The Rooftop terrace located on the 5th floor offers one of the best views of Manhattan skyline and Central Park – so don’t miss it in your visit at the Met.


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