Greatest Pools in Las Vegas

by mrkathika

The extreme heats in Mojave desert don’t make Vegas quite the most desirable destination during summer, but this entertainment oasis in Nevada’s still got some aces up the sleeve. Firstly, let us not forget that air conditioning has been invented some decades ago, and Las Vegas doesn’t by any means lack comfort and luxury. Secondly, when it comes to partying really hard, Las Vegas has no rival. And last but not least, the city might lack the sound of waves or the salty breeze, but it does have some of the best, most luxurious pools there are. In addition to being some of the greatest pools in Las Vegas, the following nominees are also free to use for the hotel’s guests:

Mirage Pool

by redacted

The Mirage Pool is a heated, 400 square meters, wonder of a pool. The tall palm trees give the pool a very exotic air, whilst the sound of the artificial waterfall will make you forget that you are in the gambling capital of the Americas and not some tropical island. If swimming and sunbathing are not your thing, you can still enjoy the open air jacuzzis or the Dolphin Bar.

Flamingo Pool

by flattop341

The curvy geometry and superb decors of the Flamingo pools make them a favorite hangout place with all Flamingo guests, no matter if they are children or adults. A huge waterslide, daily shows and activities, and plenty of waterfalls ensure the necessary amount of splashes and fun. For an exclusive experience you can rent one of the 38 cabanas, each provided with fans, fridge, plasma TV, fruit platter and rolled ice towels.

Mandalay Bay Pool

by john beagle

You won’t be missing the fine golden sand or the ocean waves if choosing to stay at the luxurious Mandalay Bay. The hotel’s pool (or better said pools) are renowned for the state of the art wave making machine and the large, artificial beach surrounding them. There is also a lazy river to raft on, a paid membership to an exclusive Beach Club and even a nude beach.

The Palms Casino Resort Pool

by pocheco

It’s not the dimension of the pool or the number of palm trees that make it so special. But at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, it’s all about the entertainment. With DJ’s mixing live, concerts and happenings all day long, the area around pool transforms into a real dance floor. Don’t miss a cocktail at the fancy Waterfall Bar (a bar hidden behind a waterfall) and a late night pool party.

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